PDHugh Bach (theriteofspring) wrote in otyugh_nation,
PDHugh Bach


A race. Lets call them the snerks. They believe they're the primary life-form on their home-planet Bob, which is actually a puff of pollen on one of the many ingenous plants on the grove between Stagnation and wherever Donya is headed. There's the snorks, who want to gain political power on Bob. They're biologically different in some drastic fashion. The snerks have recently made some technological advance. For the sake of equality, the snorks emulate the advance, although it's widely unnecessary.

Possibilities for advance:

-Some grounded transportational diddly when the snorks can fly with greater ease
-The net, when snorks can already tele-communicate across the pollen
-Universal health-care, asexual marriages...

Whiff of pollen says elevated in the air because of some fluke caused by the see-saw nature of the political squabbles on Bob. Once it's a peaceful environment, Bob will drift slowly to its doom. For this reason, Bob is the only pollen with (insert some characteristic of civilization) in Stag Nation.
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