PDHugh Bach (theriteofspring) wrote in otyugh_nation,
PDHugh Bach

More Ideas

A Donya Solo Fan club. It's the first day of school and Sulia is studying diligently. The screen widens to show a person of docile nature sitting with that silly frill worn by Donya. Sulia tries to befriend this peculiar person but is met with an eccentric silence (I'll figure out how that works later). She/he is believed to be thinking deep thoughts, of course. Some time later, a group of students wearing silly frills congregate in some remote corner of campus. Sulia tries to inconspicuously blend in, and thinks about all the virtues of her social decision. They perform some absurd silly rite with capes like Margaret Mead fans do with sticks.

A noiresque mystery, if I can pull it off. With a love pentagon hopefully.

Donya and Doniel may soon meet a character with 9 well-chosen phrases as the entirety of his/her vocabulary. This may prove to be useful, although conversation may be... interesting.
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